13+ ways to create a bedroom in a studio apartment

When people think of studio apartments, they think of lofty yet artsy spaces containing minimal space or a plain and simple college dorm room. Sure, studios are cool, but what many don’t love about these living spaces is the simple fact that there isn’t a separate bedroom, since these studios are legit only 350 to 500 square feet. 

Although studio apartments don’t have separate bedroom spaces, there are so many ways to create one. With this in mind, Interior Designer, Lisa Furtado took the time to provide us with ways to create a bedroom in your studio apartment and how to make the best out of it.

1) Rugs

Studio apartment with bed and chair

(Image credit: @getclever)

Furtado suggests investing in a rug, as rugs are great for identifying a space. Placing a round rug under your bed and one throughout the living space is a great way to separate and give each space its own identity. 

2) Room dividers

Room divider with potted plant

(Image credit: @craftivaart)

Room dividers are a great option because of they’re easy to move around the room. If you decide to rearrange things or decide you want more privacy in certain areas you can swap them out or take them down.

3) Use the back of a sofa

Back of gray sofa in living room

(Image credit: West Elm)

Furtado loves using the back of a sofa to divide the living space from another space in an open concept. The long, flat surface creates the illusion of a wall dividing the space, but you can still see over the top of the couch so it doesn’t feel too tiny.

4) Invest in a large bookcase

Studio apartment divided by white bookshelf

(Image credit: @small_cozy)

A large bookcase is a nice option to divide a bedroom from a living area. You can use an etagere that is open on both sides. Or you could use a standard bookcase with a solid back and hang a large piece of art to create the effect of a wall on either the bedroom or living room side.   

 5) Hang floor-to-ceiling curtains 

Studio apartment with white curtains

(Image credit: @small_cozy)

Floor-to-ceiling curtains can provide total privacy with a solid fabric. You could even use a sheer fabric to provide that feeling of separation while still having light filtering through. If you want curtains to provide a double duty of privacy and light filtering as you need each, then opt for a double rod that will give options for both.  

 6) The power of open shelving and plants 

Studio apartment with bed and potted plants

(Image credit: @designdiffusion)

Furtado suggests creating a living wall by using an open shelving unit and potted plants. Think vines on the top shelf that billow over along with down and taller plants on the bottom shelf. 

7) Use a projection screen 

Screen projector in living room with potted plants

(Image credit: @mandustrial_revolution)

When installing a projection screen, not only will you have a good amount of light coming into your studio, but you could also watch your favorite films. 

8) Get a bar cart

Gold bar cart with bottles of wine

(Image credit: @luxusdekorwalkerton)

A bar cart will naturally divide areas in your studio apartment and also includes counter and storage space for any of your kitchen appliances you don’t have room for. And of course, will store all of your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic spirits. 

9) Position Your Furniture Wisely 


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