3 Designers on the Best $50 They Spent on Decor in 2023

2023 has seen some wonderful decorative trends. With the evolution of the ‘Minimaluxe’ movement came a wave of beautiful decorative pieces; in the world of decorative lighting, we’ve seen a renaissance, and we’ve embraced a whole new range of textures and materials. It’s been a great year for decor, so it’s no wonder the interior designers have been doing some serious shopping.

We’ve all got a favorite home purchase of 2023 (mine is my pair of wall sconces that sit above my bed), but the tastemakers’ purchases are really telling of what interior design trends have made an impact and what is here to stay. To find out, I caught up with three of my favorite designers to find out their favorite buys of 2023.

1. Fireplace accessories

A fireplace with log holders

(Image credit: DuRietz Design)

If there is one major takeaway from 2023, it’s that we want our homes to be cozier than ever before. A key pillar for coziness is warmth and lighting, both of which are covered by open fires or log fires. Fireplaces have experienced a renaissance, and homeowners are enjoying the opportunity to decorate mantelpieces and purchase fireplace accessories that reinforce the cozy living room aesthetic. 


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