5 Styles of Rug the World’s Best Interior Designers are Picking in 2024

If you’re in the market for a new rug to tie a living room or bedroom together, we advise you pick a piece that feels enduringly stylish, yet nods to current interior design trends. Get the balance right and your chosen rug will help your room feel on-trend and timeless.

So what types of rugs are making waves in the world of interiors at the moment? We’ve spoken to leading interior designers to get an idea of the interior design trends, colors, materials, textures, and shapes to look out for when shopping for your dream rug.

1. The distressed look

The distressed 'Blue Moon' rug in situ

(Image credit: Ward + Gray)

The distressed rug look is nothing new. In fact, we reported on this style of rug back in 2023, but it’s a look that’s not going anywhere. There is something charming, timeless, and worldly about a well-worn rug that looks like it’s been passed down the generations. Christie Ward and Staver Gray from New York interior studio, Ward + Gray love the distressed look so much that they’ve recently created a whole rug collection out of the desire for distressed rugs.


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