Amanda Seyfried’s NYC Apartment For Architectural Digest

Amanda Seyfriend welcomed viewers into her cozy wooden New York oasis for Architectural Digest’s latest episode of “Open Door.”

The “The Dropout” and “Mamma Mia!” actor brought fans inside her home away from home for a tour of her peaceful New York City spot dotted with soft vibes, curved wooden structures and très chic electric outlets.

At the start of the video, the actor explained that she spends most of her time with her family at her farmhouse in upstate New York.

However, as she explains in the video, she’s part of Broadways’ musical adaptation of “Thelma & Louise,” so she spends more time in her one-level apartment central to Manhattan.

There’s a lot to see in the apartment, which served as three former quarters for staff on the top floor of a building made in 1907 and currently on the National Register of Historic Places, according to the magazine’s digital edition.

“I love the curve of the wood here because it just softens everything. I mean, there are just hard edges everywhere all the time,” the actor says in the video of her New York pied-à-terre, which was designed by interior designers Sarah Zames and Colin Stief from General Assembly. “I love the fact that Sarah wanted to kind of soften it up. Everything’s a little softer in certain ways because of the curve of the windows that softens things even to the curve of like this custom bookshelf.”

Seyfried’s home makes use of tons of custom-made built-in pieces —like closet doors that tuck away when open in her living room.

“I never close these; I only close these for you,” Seyfriend jokes during the video. The closet hides both her TV and her kids’ toys. “We don’t have to see them all the time.”

Beyond the living room, the actor gives a peek at her romantic bedroom and her daughter’s room, which features watercolor wallpaper and a sweet playhouse designed by the actor and her friends.

“It’s going to be on the market too because I, of course, have another business venture,” she explains. “My girlfriends and I are very into architecture and house designs, and we wanted to create a space for our kids to play and explore and make their own inside but with an aesthetic outside that is pleasing and calming to the parents.”

In addition to the large windows and warm natural light, Seyfried’s apartment boasts a mix of sleek modern furniture and vintage treasures. Some of these are more personal and from her past, like her first-ever rug purchase and a unique set of hands that hold up her bedroom’s lamp lights. There are also artful tributes to toilets, which appear on her walls and shelves in various paintings and one sculpture made by her sister when she was 15.

“There is in every room, I guess… there’s toilet art,” she laughs, adding that in her house upstate, she has a hanging wool vagina. “I don’t know why… I like to remember that we’re all human.”


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