Apartment bedroom ideas that are perfect for small spaces

Decorating an apartment bedroom can be particularly challenging when you’re working with limited space. A bed, dresser, and nightstand are all non-negotiables, but this leaves little room left over to showcase your style or enjoy the space when you aren’t sleeping. Add in the challenge of renting and you’re even more confined to keeping things simple. 

These clever small bedroom ideas prove that with a bit of creativity, you can stylishly squeeze more into your bedroom than you may have originally thought. If you’re strategic with your furniture selection, lighting installations, and overall design plan, you can make the most of what you’re working with. Cozy living, here you come.

1. Switch-on with a small nightstand 

Floating nightstand with drawer in white styled with potted orchid and trinkets, next to curved headboard in pale pink, and exposed bulb pendant suspended above.

(Image credit: The Sorry Girls)

When dealing with limited real estate, it’s crucial that you consider which furniture pieces will serve you the most. One question to ask yourself is if you need to have two nightstands in your bedroom or if you can get away with one. Instead of trying to fit two clunky nightstands filled with junk, go for one smaller piece that can hold your true bedside necessities. Not only will this help you pare down and get organized, but it will also leave some breathing room around your bed. 


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