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What are some of the new interior design trends for 2024?

In Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley real estate, keeping up with interior design trends isn’t just a passion; it’s a key element in enhancing properties for our clients, whether they’re buying or selling. We are seeing the design landscape shift away from the minimalist modernism that reigned for years and 2024 heralds a fresh era marked by vibrant colors and inviting charm, reflecting a casual, cozy ambiance that suits mountain living.

What’s captivating about this new shift is the embrace of individual style, emphasizing textures, layers, colors, patterns and fabrics to craft spaces that feel lived-in and welcoming. Amid these changes, “quiet luxury” has emerged as a defining term. It embodies an approach that prioritizes elevated materials, emphasizing quality over fleeting trends, yet retaining an understated, timeless appeal that exudes comfort. 

Interestingly, the trend of “grandma chic” is making waves by seamlessly blending vintage pieces into modern design schemes. It’s about infusing warmth, character and color through carefully curated elements like bold wallpapers (in moderation), unique glassware or woven textiles. The art lies in delicately layering these items to add depth and personality to a room. 

With more electric trends like these, it’s no surprise that London decorators like Beata Heuman and Studio Ashley have the stage right now. Their artistic prowess and visionary approaches resonate deeply with us. Beata Heuman and Studio Ashley are pioneering a new wave of interior design, where every stroke of creativity breathes life into refreshing design perspectives. Beata is renowned for her playful yet sophisticated interior design styles that blend whimsy with timeless elegance. Her approach often involves a bold use of color, unexpected combinations and a mix of patterns and textures that create spaces bursting with personality. One notable aspect of these two designers’ styles is their knack for incorporating bespoke elements, whether it’s custom furniture, unique lighting fixtures or specially designed textiles. They often combine vintage finds with contemporary pieces, effortlessly marrying the old with the new to craft spaces that feel eclectic yet harmonious. It’s an artistic curation that encapsulates innovation, inspiring us and our clients with each daring design venture. 

Brass is another trend adding warmth, resembling jewelry for kitchens and bathrooms. Swapping out drawer pulls and plumbing fixtures with modern brass finishes can revitalize these spaces affordably while imparting a touch of sophistication. Moreover, the concept of “biophilic interiors” is gaining traction. Integrating nature-inspired elements through murals or wallpapers enhances the property’s appeal, creating a connection with the outdoors — a sought-after feature in mountain homes.  

In terms of color, richer hues like burgundy, olive, deep blues and browns are taking center stage, replacing the sterile grays and whites that dominated previously. The once-popular modern farmhouse kitchen, characterized by white shaker cabinets and subway tiles, is evolving toward organic terra cotta tiles in captivating shapes and shades and enhancing the property’s allure.

In the realm of real estate, navigating the ever-evolving interior design landscape holds a deeper significance for us. It’s a journey centered on the transformation of houses into cherished homes, where the walls not only hold space but stories, where the ambiance echoes with familiarity and comfort. By incorporating these trends thoughtfully, the goal is to resonate with potential buyers and creating a deeper connection that transcends mere aesthetics.


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