Beige is the perfect canvas for this minimal Chennai apartment

A young family of three reached out to designers Keerthika Surenthar and Kishore Rajasekaran of The Design Shop to conceptualise the interiors of their 2,800-square-foot Chennai apartment, located in the heart of the city. Situated on the 10th floor of a luxury apartment building, the home showcases minimal luxury, defined by delicate beige hues and elegant curves. The designers have seamlessly united aesthetics and functionality across the entire home. Aptly known as ‘The House of Beiges’, the apartment features a foyer, an open living and dining area, the primary bedroom and a bedroom for the clients’ young son. The home’s furnishings are a mix of custom pieces designed in-house by The Design Shop and leading Indian brands.

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The living room’s white sofa was crafted by The Design Shop. It features carefully curated fabrics from Asian Paints. The ceramic pieces add to the earthy mood of the space and break the colour monotony.

Phosart Studio

“The clients wanted an immersive experience that balanced luxury and simplicity in perfect harmony. Therefore, we thoughtfully curated the house with intentional minimalism that reflects in art, decor and furniture. Clean lines, coherent patterns and textures unite in perfect harmony, all beneath an earthy colour palette that is designed to soothe one’s senses. This Chennai apartment was conceived with a dual purpose—to offer the clients’ child ample space for exploration and play, while also embracing bespoke design elements that elevate the aesthetics to a level of sheer sophistication,” mentions Keerthika Surenthar, project architect and co-founder of The Design Shop.

The foyer features a dramatic console with a pixel pattern in multiple shades of beige. It has been made in-house by The Design Shop.

Phosart Studio

A long and narrow hallway leads to the living area. Here, the designers clad a wall with mirrors to make the space appear larger than it is.

Phosart Studio

The foyer of the apartment sets the tone and gives visitors a glimpse of the design aesthetic of the rest of the home. It features a custom-designed, curved console that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. “Designing the entire house was an incredibly fulfilling journey, but if we had to pick a favourite, it would undoubtedly be the foyer. What made the foyer particularly captivating was the challenge of transforming a narrow hallway into a seamless, engaging space. We wanted to avoid any sense of repetition or monotony, aiming for an entrance that would not only welcome, but also awe. The meticulous effort poured into crafting facades that flow effortlessly, each unique yet harmoniously connected, was both exhilarating and rewarding,” adds Keerthika.

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