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The Office of Sustainability is located in the Facilities portion of the ROTC building. It is composed of a full time staff member and student sustainability coordinators.

Sustainability at St. John’s is an interdisciplinary mission, and requires the dedication of individuals from all different fields and majors on campus. The Student Sustainability Coordinators on campus are just that: a diverse group of students that come together to make St. John’s University a little greener, one day at a time. Currently, eight Student Sustainability Coordinators work on the Queens campus.

Some of the initiatives Sustainability Coordinators work on include: promoting and maintaining the Single Stream Recycling system on campus, the Organic Garden, new compost initiatives, and promoting national competitions such as RecycleMania and Campus Conservation Nationals.

One of the main responsibilities of Sustainability Coordinators is to monitor the recycling system on campus. This encompasses recycling in the Residence Village, Townhouses, classrooms, and offices. By routinely checking the dorms and buildings on campus, Sustainability Coordinators ensure that recycling bins are present, and check that students/employees are following the Single Stream Recycling policy, as well as making sure trash is not mixed in with recyclables.

Sustainability Coordinators also create posters and campaign for the Nation-wide competitions, RecycleMania and Campus Conservation Nationals. During competition months, Sustainability Coordinators promoting the idea of increasing recycling, and conserving energy by talking to students, holding pledges, and raffles.

Another task of Sustainability Coordinators, with the help of Earth Club, is to manage the organic garden located by the softball field. Weeding, watering, planting, and harvesting are done in the garden during the summer season and fall semester. Preparing the soil and transplanting plants from the green house are also done at the beginning of the planting season around March. All produce harvested from the garden is donated to the soup kitchen at St. John’s Bread and Life in Brooklyn. Student Sustainability Coordinators also run the production of compost on campus. Coordinators are responsible for collecting pre-consumer waste and mixing it with other organic matter to create rich and fertile compost. This compost is then used in the organic garden, as well as around campus.

To learn more about the Office of Sustainability, please contact:

Thomas M. Goldsmith
Director of Environmental and Energy Conservation
Department of Facilities Services
[email protected]

Eleni Moukas 
Sustainability Department Assistant
[email protected]


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