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Deacon Phillippe Gives a Tour of His NYC Apartment

Deacon Phillippe is showing off his New York City apartment!

The 20-year-old musician, who is the son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, brought TikTok star Caleb Simpson — who is known for interviewing  high-profile subjects about their homes — and his 7.8 million followers on a tour of his West Village abode. 

At the beginning of the video, Simpson asks Phillippe how much he pays for rent, to which the New York University student responds: “West Village prices, man.” He then leads Simpson to his home while adding that he has “time between classes” for a quick tour. 

Inside the spacious, two-level space, Simpson immediately says, “this is sick,” in response to the spiral staircase at the center of the living room. Phillippe warns him that the staircase is “a little sketchy” because it juts out, making it easy to hit your head. 

After Phillippe introduces Simpson to his two roommates, they then head over to the “vinyl wall” to reveal a stacked collection of records suspended against the living room’s exposed brick interior. 

More life is added to the space through Phillippe’s medium-sized plant that he named Darryl. 

The spiral staircase inside Deacon Phillippe’s NYC apartment.

Caleb Simpson/TikTok

Upon entering the Never Have I Ever actor’s room, Simpson pans over the desk and keyboard positioned against the wall beside Phillippe’s bed. 

“Studio setup. I sing and play a little bit of keyboard but I mostly make music on my computer,” Phillippe explains before playing a short sample for Simpson.

They then make their way up the spiral stairs to reveal the dizzying view of the entire living room and to show off the tight bathroom.

View of the living room and vinyl wall.

Caleb Simpson/TikTok

Phillippe, who released his debut album in April, opened up to PEOPLE earlier in November about his love of fashion and how it goes hand in hand with music. 

“Usually I like to wear stuff that’s comfortable, that I can do my job in, which is to make music and perform,” he shared.

Deacon’s bedroom and studio setup.

Caleb Simpson/TikTok

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“As a kid, I always loved dressing up and I loved getting ready for going to church,” he continued. “I liked the feeling of getting dressed up. I feel like you’ve got to look your best to feel your best.”


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