Flesh trade scare in Lucknow apartment turns out to be a case of roommate mix-up

LUCKNOW A distress call to the police control room reporting the presence of two men and three Thai women in a flat at Alaknand Apartment, situated in the jurisdiction of Sushant Golf City police station, kept the police on high alert throughout the day.

Representative pic (HT File)
Representative pic (HT File)

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) South, Vinit Jaiswal, the Thai women in question possessed valid visas and their passports were in order. “One of the young men, identified as Pradeep, along with his friend, who serves in the Army, mistakenly entered the wrong flat and fell asleep there. Their unexpected presence alarmed the flat owner, who promptly alerted the police,” he stated.

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The DCP also revealed that the flat owner had lodged a formal complaint, resulting in the police registering a case of trespassing against Pradeep and his companion. “Pradeep had been residing in a nearby rented flat, which happened to be in close proximity to the complainant’s residence. On the night in question, Pradeep and his friend, evidently inebriated, inadvertently entered the complainant’s flat and settled down for the night in the bedroom,” explained DCP Jaiswal.

The DCP continued, “The flat owner raised an alarm and summoned the security personnel, who promptly removed Pradeep and his companion from the premises. Both individuals were heavily intoxicated at the time.”

He further disclosed that the security staff subsequently ventured into Pradeep’s flat and discovered the presence of three Thai women in one of the rooms. This discovery inadvertently fuelled rumours of an objectionable situation involving both men and women within the flat.

It has also been revealed that one of the Thai women was subletting a room in the flat where Pradeep and his friend lived. Recently, two of her friends from Thailand had come to Lucknow, and the two were sharing the room with her. The flat owner was aware of their presence and had a mutual agreement.

The complainant, recounting the incident, claimed that he and his children were at home when the two men “forcefully” entered his flat and occupied the bedroom. “My children raised an alarm, and I summoned the security staff, who promptly removed them from the bedroom. The entire incident was captured on CCTV. While they reside in a flat close to mine, they failed to provide any authorisation for their presence,” he asserted.

Earlier in the day, the resident welfare association of the apartment had alleged the operation of a flesh racket within one of the flats, suggesting the involvement of women from Thailand and two Indian men in the alleged racket. However, subsequent police investigation has dispelled these allegations as a case of mistaken identity involving innocent roommates.


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