Genius studio apartment ideas for even the tiniest places

 Living in a studio apartment poses many challenges, mainly the tough task of figuring out how to best use the space. Every inch counts when you’re working with limited square footage and a tight budget. However, with smart strategies and ample planning, your studio apartment can feel both luxurious and inviting.

While the first tip for organizing a studio apartment will always be to declutter your belongings, there are several ways you can create a stylish and functional setup. We tapped Emma Hopkinson, blogger behind All Up in My Space, to source her best tips. Your dream space awaits. 

 Live in the space before making a floor plan

Living room with potted plants

(Image credit: @karrrrst)

 Creating a floor plan might feel silly when you’re talking about less than 600 square feet but you should treat your rental just like any other space you’d live in. For example, you wouldn’t go furniture shopping for a new home without mapping out a floor plan, right? Treat your rental the same way — it will show in the final design.


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