Harvey Specter’s Toronto Penthouse From ‘Suits’ Just Hit The Market & It Costs Millions

Fans of the series Suitswill be happy to know that the infamous closer Harvey Specter’s apartment is up for the sale in Toronto.

The two-bedroom, elevator-accessed space is just under 3,000 square feet, and while the decor and New York City skyline from the nine-season series may not be there, the bones of the apartment are still recognizable.

David Fleming, a Bosley – Toronto Realty Group Inc. broker, told Narcity 20 Stewart Street, penthouse 901 will go on the market on July 26 for just under $5M.

“They used it for the first few seasons, and then a new owner took over, so they built a set to look exactly like this condo,” said Fleming. “I guess they liked the space so much they decided to replicate it. Which I think is a testament to how amazing the space was.”

Living room area.Living room area.Herman Sham, Studio GTA.

Fans of the show may notice the shelves that held Specter’s at-home record collection are still intact in the unit.

“When you look at his home office, he’s got a record collection, and those wooden shelves in the corner are identical.”

Although Specter’s desk has since been replaced with a piano.

Fleming said the biggest difference between the condo when it was on the show and now is the furniture, although a new brick wall has also been added to the space.

In the show, the condo matched Specter’s bachelor vibes, with leather coaches, model planes, and a darker palette, according to Fleming.

The current owner has taken a lighter approach to the furniture and decor, cashing in on the “sun-drenched” unit’s natural light and complimenting it with soft greys, beiges, and whites.

Kitchen.Kitchen.Herman Sham, Studio GTA.

Although, the kitchen is still pretty recognizable from scenes in the show.

“That kitchen is identical from the countertops right down to the appliances. Sub Zero fridge, Wolf Range, those are identical to what he [Harvey] had in the show,” said Fleming.

Bedroom.Bedroom.Herman Sham, Studio GTA.

The King West neighbourhood unit also has a massive outdoor patio at nearly 2,000 square feet, which is perfect for hosting with its “built-in barbeque and dining area.”

The U-shaped space is hard to come by in the city and has a hot tub, pool, and an outdoor TV.

Outdoor patio.Outdoor patio.Herman Sham, Studio GTA.

The dining area inside the unit is also generously spaced, so if you’re looking to host inside on a rainy day, you’ll still have plenty of room.

Dining area.Dining area.Herman Sham, Studio GTA.

Fleming says they’ve already had three buyers call to see the space before it went on the market, and he thinks the interest may be due to the space’s Hollywood roots.

“I’m a little surprised, but then again, I’m not. It’s marketing, and you know, Suits was a great show,” said Fleming.

“I think it’s got the cool factor for sure.”

‘Suits’ Penthouse

Sitting area by elevator entrance.

Sitting area by elevator entrance.

Herman Sham, Studio GTA.

Price: $4,999,000

Address: 20 Stewart Street, PH901, Toronto, ON

Description: You can relax in the airy two-bedroom penthouse suite while soaking up all the Hollywood glamour of living in the same apartment as the fictitious lawyer, Harvey Specter.

View Here

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.


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