Joanna Gaines’ latest ‘Fixer Upper’ project has revitalized this outdated sofa trend for 2024 |

A good sofa is an investment piece, and one that should be chosen for both beauty and comfort. It’s possibly the biggest furniture purchase you’ll make, so choosing the right living sofa is vital. After figuring out the style, size, and materials, there is the most fun part of all: picking a color. You’ll want to love your living room sofa for a long time – reupholstering while less wasteful than buying new, can still be costly – and therefore the decision is an entirely personal one. Interestingly, however, many experts have seen a shift away from beige.

Interior designer Joanna Gaines is one step ahead of the sofa trends. The Fixer Upper co-host and owner of Magnolia has an undisputed eye for style, so it was a surprise to see a once outdated sofa trend has made its way back into the zeitgeist.


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