Las Vegas apartment working to provide hot water, fix issues after concerns rise

The majority of the dozens of affected tenants at The Tides on Wynn apartments near Twain and Wynn Road say after News 3 helped share their story of having gone nearly a month without running hot water, management at the apartment complex got the ball rolling to fix the problem.

“‘I know it is not absolutely the office’s fault, they have to answer to somebody they just work there, but it’s just kind of like in this situation it’s serious. I should have had a good recovery, a relaxing recovery and I haven’t,” said Tides on Wynn Tenant. Darcy Corcoran.

As she continues to recover from having undergone a medical procedure for her injured shoulder, Corcoran says she has now gone a month without having running hot water in her apartment. It’s an issue she says has affected the ability to properly clean her wound. “I would like to know what’s going on, ” Corcoran said.

Corcoran says after News 3 reached out to the apartment management for comment Tuesday afternoon, tenants finally received a response, addressing the plumbing issues they’ve been dealing with for four weeks. “An email came out at 7 p.m. where they were apologizing and that they were going to bring somebody out tomorrow morning to assess the problem. This is the first time in four weeks we have even received an email of that kind,” Corcoran said.

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A day later, on Wednesday, Corcoran says she was told the hot water had been restored. “When I checked it, I was like there is no hot water in my apartment still. So I called down there and I said I don’t know why you guys are telling my son that there is hot water; I am standing here with the water running for the last 15 minutes; I still have no hot water,” Corcoran said.

Corcoran says, fortunately for the majority of the tenants, their hot water had been restored by late Wednesday Afternoon. “The ones that I have talked to were like yes it’s on, it’s hot. So, I know that my neighbors do have hot water and I am happy about that. It’s a good thing because there’s a lot of us that didn’t have hot water,” Corcoran said.

Unfortunately for Corcoran and a few adjacent units, tenants say they are still stuck boiling water to clean, cook, and bathe in. “First time in four weeks that maintenance has come to my apartment. He came out and sat here for about 20 minutes and he’s like yeah you have no hot water,” Corcoran added.

As she continues to wait for the problem to be resolved, Corcoran says she appreciates the new approach management and maintenance have now been taking. “It’s just the fact that now you are taking initiative, you asked for my number to call me back. You’ve now called me back, you let me know what is going on. It’s better, does it solve everything? No, but it’s a work in progress,” Corcoran added.

As for FPI Management, the California based company that oversees the apartment complex, Corcoran says she hopes they’ll listen to their tenants. “I am hoping it will shed light on more of the management companies who manage the apartment complexes will be like, oh crap we need to step up and make sure everybody is good. It’s important,” Corcoran said.

News 3 has reached out numerous times to FPI management for comment, but has yet to receive a response back.


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