No Freezer or Cold Room: Noida Morgue Running Without Basic Facilities for 3 Years

Noida Morgue

No Freezer or Cold Room: Noida Morgue Running Without Basic Facilities for 3 Years (Representative Image, Source: iStock)

Noida: The mortuary in Noida Sector 94, situated adjacent to the Greater Noida Expressway, is operating without basic facilities like a freezer or a cold room to preserve dead bodies. With just two rooms, the facility has been functioning under these conditions for the past three years. The situation worsened amid rising temperatures, leading to decomposition of bodies due to the absence of basic amenities.

A staff member mentioned that there used to be a deep freezer and a cold room, but they were never repaired after breaking down. They said, “When this mortuary was established, it had a deep freezer capable of accommodating eight bodies, along with a cold room. However, the freezer only worked for two years. Subsequently, a district official donated another freezer, which functioned for just six months. We have been compelled to operate without the necessary equipment to manage a morgue for years now.”

“In this summer heat, bodies decompose quickly and emit a foul odor. We are working in these conditions every day,” they added.

District Magistrate of Gautam Buddha Nagar, Manish Kumar Verma, informed The Indian Express that he has “instructed the Chief Medical Officer to investigate the matter.” He mentioned that the health department is responsible for managing the mortuaries, hence he was unaware of the ongoing issue. However, there has been no response from CMO Sunil Kumar Sharma.

Initially, four employees operated the mortuary, but one of them passed away two years ago, and no replacement has been hired since then. Currently, there is only a security guard who oversees the bodies as they lay in the compound and inside the two rooms.

The three employees conducting post-mortems and handling the bodies have no seating arrangements. Although one room has an air-conditioner, it also does not function properly. Employees noted that the same AC was repaired six months ago after multiple complaints.

“There were six bodies here yesterday. The day before, we had nine bodies. Today, there are eight,” they stated. “For the past three years, we have been in these conditions. We take precautions… we wear gloves before handling these bodies, but we cannot do more than that. Working in this stench is very difficult and unbearable,” they concluded.


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