Note Design Studio enriches Cloudy Outlines aparmtent with curvy stucco

Note Design Studio has updated this formerly characterless apartment in Stockholm to feature bespoke Douglas fir joinery and curvy stucco ceilings designed to suggest cloud formations.

Although the Cloudy Outlines apartment sits within a building dating back to 1842, Note Design Studio says the interior had been stripped of any historic charm and “traces of craftsmanship” during previous renovations.

Kitchen interior of Cloudy Outlines apartment by Note Design Studio
Douglas fir joinery appears throughout the Cloudy Outlines apartment

It also had a poor layout, with a living area that could only be accessed via a dark, lengthy corridor snaking around the back of the apartment while the remaining rooms were awkwardly shaped and difficult to furnish.

The studio decided to redesign the home from scratch, knocking down all of its internal walls to form a more cohesive floor plan.

Interior of Cloudy Outlines apartment by Note Design Studio
The apartment’s corridor was repositioned to allow for more natural light

The corridor was repositioned to run parallel to the building’s window-lined facade and, as a result, is now flooded with natural light.

Rooms were classically finished with white-painted walls and Douglas fir flooring.

Dining room interior of Cloudy Outlines apartment by Note Design Studio
Curved stucco gives the ceilings a soft, cloud-like quality

Billowy stucco moulding was added throughout to give a soft “cloudy” quality to the ceilings and provide a contrast with the “rationality and material robustness” of the apartment, the studio explained.

“With the previous interior and finishes removed, a new holistic design was developed with a limited amount of design principles, all with a timeless ambition,” Note Design Studio said.

In the kitchen, Douglas fir was used again to create simple cupboards and a striking circular cover for the extractor fan.

The countertop, on the other hand, is overlaid with a sleek metallic finish.

Hallway of Stockholm apartment by Note Design Studio with wooden door
Furnishings in pastel hues disrupt the otherwise neutral colour scheme

All of the apartment’s doors, as well as its window sills, are also made from Douglas fir.

The material palette only deviates slightly in the bathroom, which features grey-tile surfaces and flecked terrazzo-like flooring.

Bedroom interior of Cloudy Outlines apartment by Note Design Studio
The stucco effect can also be seen in the bedroom

The Cloudy Outlines apartment is one of several residential renovations that Note Design Studio has completed in the Swedish capital, where the firm is based.

Among them is Habitat 100 – an apartment littered with references to the Swedish Grace movement – and the Mantelpiece Loft, which is distinguished by its colour-block bedrooms.

The photography is courtesy of the studio.


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