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Additive manufacturing is becoming more and more prevalent in many different sectors, whether in aerospace, medicine or the food industry. This is mainly due to the benefits it offers in all of them. What makes it special is, above all, its freedom of design. With 3D printing, it is possible to create complex structures efficiently and even more sustainably and with fewer resources than with conventional methods. Indeed, this is what pushed German company Recozy to turn towards the technology, as it focuses primarily on transparency and sustainability in its process of designing furniture and home decor. We spoke with their team to learn more about their technology, their future projects and the use of 3D printing in interior design.

3DN: Can you tell us more about Recozy?

Recozy is a tech-savvy design brand that focuses on resource-efficient production of recyclable furniture, home accessories and lighting and promotes conscious consumption through transparency. Our team consists of seven people in total, made up of enthusiasts from various fields such as technology, design, sustainability and sales. Over the past three years, we have acquired extensive knowledge of additive manufacturing. With this experience, wide-ranging expertise and great enthusiasm for 3D printing, we offer our customers high-quality design objects in the interior and furniture sector. These are not only characterized by their special look and 3D printing, but are also made from predominantly recycled materials.

3DN: How did the idea for Recozy come about?

We have been working intensively with the technology since the end of 2019 and the idea of Recozy began in a founder’s basement at the start of 2021. Through family contacts, we have specifically targeted the furnishing market, as we consider the production method and the associated ecological possibilities to be very sensible. We have set ourselves the goal of playing an active role in shaping the industry sustainably. For us, additive manufacturing leads the way in this respect.

We were impressed by the holistic nature of this manufacturing technology. Decentralized production, energy and resource efficiency and the open source concept are just some of the benefits that 3D printing brings. In addition, additive manufacturing enables countless application possibilities and allows us to look to the future, in which this technology will change many industries and be taken for granted.

There are several aspects of production at Recozy that have led us to use additive manufacturing. Firstly, there is the high flexibility and customizability in the design process and in production that 3D printing offers. In addition, each product can be given an unmistakable design language, characterized by unique shapes, a very high level of detail and a special feel. This type of production also enables us to implement the needs and wishes of our customers individually and ecologically. Another important factor is the aforementioned local, energy-efficient and resource-saving production. We are also attracted by the future prospects of the industry. It is exciting to see the innovative spirit with which additive manufacturing continues to gain in importance and establish itself in many areas. Being involved in this further development is very motivating for us.

3DN: The topic of sustainability is very important to you. How do you implement this specifically?

We specifically implement our basic ecological concept through additive manufacturing, recycled materials, short supply chains and the durability of all products. We manufacture exclusively in our production facility in Lower Saxony and incorporate the circular product design approach into every product. We think beyond the linear life cycle during product development: everything from material selection, production and use to recycling flows into our design process. We see environmentally conscious thinking as a fundamental standard that should be integrated into all areas of life. To this end, we are working to create transparency and raise awareness among consumers for their own purchasing decisions.

Plastic waste is not fundamentally of low value, as is often suggested – quite the opposite. The aim should be to produce no new petroleum-based materials, to recycle existing stocks and to rely on new types of bio-based plastics. We are also constantly looking for optimization potential in our production. Our company and all products are also climate-neutral. We offset the emissions that we are currently unable to avoid through selected climate protection projects.

3DN: What can we look forward to from Recozy in the near future?

We are currently working on bringing two new production lines for our furniture segments into series production in order to expand our range of interiors and furniture. However, we are not only looking at expanding our product range, but also at the growing importance of contract manufacturing. We have already made good progress in this area through cross-industry collaborations and have gained a lot of experience. We want to continue working on this so that we can respond to the individual wishes of our customers and offer them tailor-made solutions, e.g. in the interior and furniture sector.

3DN: Any last words for our readers?

We would like to draw attention to the importance of making conscious purchasing decisions. It is advisable to find out about the products before buying and to pay attention to the company behind them. This is the only way to ensure that you only buy products that correspond to your own values. You can find more information on the Recozy website HERE.

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*All Photo Credits: Recozy


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