Reese Witherspoon’s Son, Deacon Phillippe, Shows Off His Apartment

Getting a glimpse into a celebrity’s apartment feels almost like sneaking a peek at your hidden-away holiday presents: It’s exhilarating, but you know that you shouldn’t be there. As fellow normies and interior design fanatics, we get absolutely giddy when certain celebrities post home tours (like Hailey Bieber with her marble-clad kitchen), or selfies featuring their insanely huge foyer (calling out Miss Spears). For this reason, Deacon Phillippe—Reese Witherspoon’s 20-year-old son with Ryan Phillippe—has caught our (and many other innocent stalkers’) attention. And we owe it all to TikTok star Caleb Simpson, who is well-known on the social media app for his casual tours of unique, usually impeccably-decorated apartments. Yesterday, Simpson caught up with Phillippe to get a look at his college pad.

While people might not expect to see the son of two movie stars sharing a space with other people, even as a college student, Phillippe revealed that he has two roommates—three if you count their houseplant named Darryl—who reside with him in the West Village apartment. Perhaps in an effort to sidestep the usual nepo baby accusations, he finessed a non-answer to Simpson’s go-to question “How much rent do you pay?” by replying “West Village prices.”

In the tour, we can see there’s a dishwasher in the kitchen, and the decidedly-not-collegiate pristine bedding leads us to assume there’s a washer and dryer hiding somewhere in the apartment. With three guys living there, we’ll guess it’s a three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. Our sleuthing on the rental app Street Easy leads us to estimate that, in the West Village neighborhood of New York, with those amenities and the size of the rooms, the apartment is probably within the $12,000-$16,000 per month range.


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The two-floor apartment is generous in size for the neighborhood and has a charming spiral staircase that leads up to the loft and one of Phillippe’s roommate’s bedrooms. Besides the sheer size, the open space is nicely decorated with two matching leather accent chairs and a cream-colored loveseat filling the bright living room. There’s also a wall displaying the boys’ vinyl collection, featuring ASTROWORLD by Travis Scott, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West, good kid, m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar, and Abbey Road by The Beatles to name a few. Phillippe himself released his first album A NEW EARTH earlier this year using only his first name as his moniker, but the roommates all seem to be a musically inclined bunch. From our count, there are at least three keyboards, two guitars, one ukulele, one DJ pad, and numerous speakers in the apartment, but we only got glimpses into two of the assumed three bedrooms. Who’s to say there aren’t more instruments strewn about?

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Phillippe showed Simpson his bedroom, and while we have some thoughts on how bare his white walls are, we must admit that we’re impressed by his perfectly-made bed and its coordinating grey blankets. However, with the only pop of color in the room being Phillippe’s terracotta-colored rug, we think the musician could use some inspiration in the hue department.

Though the bathroom is nothing to write home about, with towels on the floor and a door that barely scrapes by the sink in order to shut, it’s fair to say that Phillippe’s pad is much nicer (and far cleaner) than the ones we recall from our own college days.

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