Woman’s Walk From Elevator to Her Apartment Is an Actual Endurance Test

The backrooms are an internet myth, a terrifying liminal space that goes on and on forever. Despite the fact that no such place exists, there are places within our reality that give a very backrooms-y kind of vibe.

Long winding corridors and no windows, laminate or carpeted floors, and rows of doors that seemingly lead nowhere. Places like this give me the heebie-jeebies, but imagine if you had to pass through such a space in order to get to your front door! That’s exactly what one woman on TikTok has to go through every day just to get home.

A painfully long walk

Faith records her whole walk from the elevator to her front door, along with the caption, ‘The walk to my apartment is absolutely diabolical,’ Diabolical is definitely the right way to describe it – the video is almost three minutes in length but it feels so much longer. And yes, the whole 2 minutes and 40 seconds is literally just walking, and no, Faith isn’t even walking slow. I’ll admit, I struggled to sit through the whole thing without skipping ahead, it’s genuinely that bad, I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels to actually have to walk that after a long day of work.

The worst part has to be when she turns the corner and you see that corridor just stretching on and on and on and on and – you get the point, it’s longer than the queues for customer service at DFW airport. It doesn’t even seem to make sense, how are there this many apartments on this single floor? What must this building look like from the outside?

It’s easy to see why people in the comments have been drawing comparisons to the backrooms, something just doesn’t seem right about this place. It feels like the perfect spot for some sort of creepy entity to jump out and chase her, although, to be fair it would probably collapse from exhaustion before it ever gets close to the front door.

Viewers questioned the lay out of the building, trying to reason that there must be another set of elevators along the way. Others imagined how painful it must have been to move in in the first place or to come back with groceries – imagine getting back to your apartment block with bags full of shopping only to realize you’ve still got half your journey to go!

Of course, you have to look on the bright side with these things, as Faith points out, at least she’s getting her steps in. Another commenter also raised a good point, ‘everyone’s shoes should be clean by the time they get to your apartment.’ I suppose living in the backrooms does have some benefits after all, although I bet the rent is still extortionate.

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